Demand Progress Says Dems Not Backing CRA Were 'Bought' by Big Cable

With the 115th Congress coming to a close, Demand Progress is pulling out all the stops to try and pressure the remaining Democratic holdouts--16 of them--to support rolling back the FCC's net neutrality deregulation.

The Congressional Review Act resolution nullifying the FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom squeaked through the Senate, but couldn't pass the House without quite a few Republicans also signing on, the chances of which are slimmest to none. But Demand Progress is still trying to shame the holdouts into backing the CRA, accusing them of being "bought by Comcast"--and AT&T and Verizon.

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To make that point clear, "Democrats BOUGHT by Comcast" is the subject line on the Demand Progress email seeking donations for a last-minute push for nullification of the FCC deregulation.

"Some organizations are reluctant to call out Democrats when they do the wrong thing," said Demand Progress. "Not us. As a nonpartisan organization, we expect Democrats to live up to their campaign promises and pro-net neutrality rhetoric, and we're not afraid to hold them accountable."

Actually, the top eight members of Congress getting Comcast money are all Democrats according to, seven of which did vote to repeal the Restoring Internet Freedom order. In fact, in the 2018 election cycle, Comcast contributed to 150 House Democrats, the vast majority of which support the CRA. So, clearly, getting a contribution from Comcast is hardly a gauge of where those legislators would stand on the issue.

John Eggerton

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