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In Demand to Pitch HD VOD Content

N2 Broadband Inc.'s "MediaPath" video-delivery system is now clearing the
path for HD content to make its way onto video-on-demand platforms.

Pay-per-view and VOD-content distributor In Demand will be the first to use
the enhanced MediaPath system to serve up HD content to cable customers,
including Comcast Corp., Cox Communications Inc. and Time Warner Cable.

The MediaPath content pitcher has been specially geared to send off the
larger high-def video files, which are about five times heftier than
standard-definition video. N2 Broadband's "OpenStream" VOD platform and "Asset
Management System" have also been upgraded to support HD content.

"MediaPath was built from the ground up to support the secure delivery and
management of existing and future on-demand content for cable operators," N2
Broadband president and CEO Reggie Bradford said in a release.

"Our 450 commercial deployments underscore MediaPath's ability to scale as
VOD rollouts accelerate and as HD and other new services gain traction," he