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Cuccinelli: ‘It Is My Duty To Take Action’

Washington -- Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who is trying to get his counterparts in other states to
join his fight against network-neutrality rules, has made no secret of his disdain for the FCC and is clearly not
neutral on the issue, as evidenced by excerpts from speeches supplied by his office.

• “Anyone who thinks that the government should not be above the law should oppose the Federal Communications
Commission’s recent power grab to regulate the Internet.”

• “When the FCC previously attempted to regulate the network-management practices of Internet providers,
a federal court told the agency it had no authority to do so; in other words, such regulation would be illegal.
Yet the FCC now presses ahead with regulations, displaying a willful disregard for the law and the court. That a
group of unelected bureaucrats would act without congressional authorization and in defiance of a court ruling
threatens the very core of our representative democracy.”

• “It is my job to see that Virginians are protected by the rule of law. When agencies of the federal government treat
that law a s an inconvenience not binding on them, and their actions affect Virginians, it is my duty to take action.”

• “The proposed Internet regulations are also an affront to private property rights: A government
agency without authority to do so is attempting to dictate to private parties how they must use their own
property — the pipelines and technology that bring
us the Internet.

• “This is the most egregious overreach yet of the
federal government, when an executive agency refuses
to honor the ruling of a federal court. When an agency
does not even respect the decision of a federal court,
how can we expect the government to respect the
rights of the people and the states?”