CSG Issues Billing-System Upgrade

Billing provider CSG Systems International Inc. is rolling out a new version
of its "ICMS" platform, able to handle billing, customer-care, provisioning and
other functions for wired and wireline services using preintegrated modules.

The modules will allow operators to cut operations cost, take in new revenues
faster and improve customer care, according to CSG.

The new software upgrade allows operators to process a single order for
multiple services and track the provisioning process that results. It also pumps
up the billing platform's account-hierarchy scheme, allowing operators to
provide a single bill to customers with multiple accounts and services with
details on usage, installation and recurring and one-time charges.

Other extensions allow operators to field wireline, wireless, video and
Internet services and to provide billing for business-to-business offerings.

"With so many enhancements to this platform, operators have the flexibility
to deploy multiple services quickly and manage their subscribers at every step
of the relationship, from taking an order to provisioning and billing for
services," said Bill Fisher, president of CSG's global software and services