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CPJ Issues Coronavirus Coverage Safety Advisory

The Committee to Protect Journalists has issued an advisory with tips on travel plans and supplies, helpful links, and safety information for journalists on the front lines, and in harms way, when covering the virus from such places as medical or isolation facilities or quarantine zone. 

That step-by-step guide, put together by CPB's Emergency Response team, includes perhaps not taking an assignment if you are in a high-risk category--i.e. over 60 or with an underlying chronic health issue. And given that there have been racist attacks  against "certain nationalities"--Chinese, for one--it says that is "a factor to consider when selecting staff for any assignment." 

And in good advice for anyone, CPJ recommends getting a flu vaccine to prevent confusion over any symptoms that may develop. 

CPJ recommends the advisory particularly to journalists at smaller outlets and freelancers who don't have access to a large news outlet with in-house safety experts.  

The advisory is being published in a dozen languages, including Arabic and Farsi.