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CPJ Advisor: Convention Coverage Carries Risk

Frank Smyth, senior adviser for journalist security, is warning journalists that the upcoming political conventions in Cleveland (Republican) and Philadelphia (Democratic) "carry the risk of civil unrest."

That came in a blog post on the CPJ web site.

He says "many" journalists and news outlets are investing in "civil unrest" awareness training. He says his own firm has already held a two-day class for "major" news outlets in Cleveland, Washington and New York in advance of the conventions.

He points out the Cleveland has spent federal grant money on riot gear including helmets, shields, batons and full-body armor and that Philadelphia is going to be spending on similar gear.

Smyth advised journalists to (1) practice situational awareness; (2) work in teams; (3) know entry and exit routes; (4) identify themselves as needed; (5) maintain neutrality; (6) not respond to provocation; and (7) obey police orders.

He also has some body armor/protective gear advice. To check out a more fleshed-out version of those and more tips, go here.