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Cox Goes Navy with Service Offering

Cox Communications Inc. will be helping U.S. Navy personnel at two major
ports to set up their homes on land thanks to a deal struck with the Navy
Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM).

Cox’s Hampton Roads, Va., and San Diego divisions will be providing voice,
video and data services to NEXCOM’s Military Moving Center.

Launched in mid-July, the moving center, run by Qcorps Residential Inc.,
offers naval families services to help deal with the stress of frequent

There are about 140,000 military personnel in the two service areas.

Cox will offer local and long-distance phone, digital-cable and high-speed
Internet services via a centralized online ordering system. Being able to
quickly arrange such services -- as well as utility hookups, newspaper
subscriptions and other services -- is a big boon to military families who must
move frequently.

"While frequent relocations are a necessary element in maintaining a force
capable of far-reaching and complex military operations, we are constantly
looking for ways to reduce the associated inconvenience and stress," said Rear
Admiral William J. Maguire, commander of NEXCOM, in a release.