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Cox Gets Secure with GuardedNet

Security-software provider GuardedNet Inc. is now providing Cox
Communications Inc. with a centralized threat-management system across its
nationwide high-speed-data network.

Cox has been using GuardedNet security software since it took over its
cable-modem service from failed Excite@Home Corp.

GuardedNet's 'neuSECURE' software not only provides monitoring for security
breeches and hacking attempts, but it also assesses the threat level for local
incidents. In that way, Cox can better respond to the higher-priority security
threats, according to manager of data-engineering security Jeff Hartley.

'neuSECURE automates the aggregation and correlation process, mitigates false
positives and alerts my team to real threats in a timely manner,' he said. 'This
frees up my team to focus on investigating and responding to abnormal network
activity that poses real threats.'

Networks such as Cox's face the challenge of remaining secure at a time when
computer viruses, personal-identity theft and Web-site hacks are rampant.

'It runs the gamut -- it's amazing as far as in any company when they put in
this type of software and it takes in all of the data,' GuardedNet CEO Bob
Hughes said. 'You instantly see so many things going on.'