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Cox Files for Statewide Franchise in Calif.

Cox Communications filed for a statewide franchise in California.

The company has no plans to overbuild other cable systems in the state, according to David Grabert, director of medial relations for the company. The filing was made to resolve a service dispute in the San Diego neighborhood of Scripps Ranch.

Cox built infrastructure into the high-income housing development known as StoneBridge Estates and was delivering video, Internet and phone service to residents. But last year, the San Diego city attorney ordered Cox to stop delivering video. The housing development is in Time Warner Cable's territory, the city attorney asserted.

Cox complied, dropping video service to homes there Aug. 15. Phone and Internet services are still delivered.

Grabert said that once the California Public Utilities Commission rules on the state franchise, the company will resume triple-play offerings in the community. The PUC could act on the franchise request any day, but it is required to act no later than May 25.