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Copps To Join Net Neutrality Rally Outside FCC

Former FCC Chairman Mike Copps plans to attend and speak at a net neutrality rally outside the FCC's headquarters Thursday (May 18).

The FCC is scheduled to vote May 18 on Republican Chairman Ajit Pai's proposal to roll back Title II regs and rethink the rules against throttling, blocking and paid prioritization.

Copps is now a special advisor to Common Cause and, in that capacity, has been a big defender of Title II reclassification and the 2015 Open Internet order adopted by Pai's predecessor, Democratic Chairman Tom Wheeler.

“By re-opening the FCC’s historic 2015 Open Internet Order, the FCC is jeopardizing core protections for online free speech and competition," Copps said last month after Pai outlined his proposal in a speech. "Chairman Pai appears more interested in currying favor with cable and telecom industry lobbyists than in serving the millions of Americans who wrote and called to urge the commission, during the original rulemaking, to provide strong protections against online blocking, throttling, or censorship."