Concurrent, Manticom Integrate VOD Systems

The link between video-on-demand and gigabit-Ethernet transport is now solid
for Concurrent Computer Corp. and Manticom Networks Inc.

The two companies have announced that Concurrent's "MediaHawk" VOD servers
are now fully integrated with Manticom's "Scorpion 4104"
gigabit-optical-Ethernet-switching system.

For cable operator customers, this offers an all-in-one VOD-transport system
that can be more quickly installed to serve up and transmit on-demand

Manticom's Scorpion 4104 can be adjusted to deliver VOD streams between 2.5
gigabits per second and 20 gbps total throughput, depending on the scale of the
on-demand rollout.

Concurrent's MediaHawk VOD servers and "MediaHawk Business Management System"
products are capable of managing not only VOD content, but also on-demand
services including network-based digital-video-recording functions.

"With the anticipated growth in video-on-demand deployments, the combination
of Concurrent's market-leading MediaHawk VOD servers with Manticom's next
generation, integrated gigabit-Ethernet switching and transport solution
redefines the cost and performance models in VOD-network deployments, offering
cable operators an alternative to existing transport technologies," said Joe
Parola, Concurrent's vice president of market development, in a