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Pai: FCC Has Been Readying for Dorian

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says the FCC has been working hard over the past few days to help prepare for Hurricane Dorian. 

According to a Pai statement Monday (Sept. 2), FCC staffers have reached out to wireless carriers and broadcasters to offer assistance--the FCC also triggered its voluntary Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) ( for almost three dozen Florida counties. 

At press time the storm still had sustained winds of 155 Mph. 

"With our government partners, including FEMA, we have worked to ensure that communications providers and power companies closely coordinate their activities as needed when service restoration efforts get underway—making sure they implement lessons learned from Hurricane Michael," he said. 

Pai said they had "reminded" the wireless carriers that they have to have roaming agreements in effect before the storm hits.  

“Additionally, FCC staff have been deployed to conduct ‘pre-landfall’ surveys of the radiofrequency spectrum in projected impact areas, which will help us identify any impacts to public safety communications and broadcaster outages. 

The FCC's operations center is always open 24/7 to help first responders and communications providers.