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Comcast Puts Sub Total at 26.2M

Comcast Corp. told the Federal Communications Commission Tuesday that it has 26.2 million cable subscribers attributable to it under FCC cable-ownership rules.

Comcast has about 21.5 million wholly owned cable subscribers, but the Philadelphia-based company did not reveal its ownership connection to the remaining 4.7 million.

A Comcast spokesman said the 4.7 million subscribers were related to partnerships but not to Time Warner Entertainment because Comcast’s TWE interest is in a trust.

Based on 92.2 million pay TV subscribers nationally, Comcast said it served 28.5% of the market. Under FCC cable-ownership rules rejected by a federal court, a cable company could serve no more than 30% of all pay TV subscribers.

Comcast disclosed its subscriber totals in a letter to the FCC in which it outlined several small transactions involving either the purchase or sale of cable and satellite-master-antenna subscribers.