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Comcast Fills Out IP-Voice Vendor List

After announcing earlier this spring that it would begin a voice-over
Internet-protocol service in Philadelphia in 2003, Comcast Corp. has released
more information about the technology that will drive the system.

For its first deployment of VoIP, Comcast will use Syndeo Corp.'s 'Syion 426'
call-management server to route packet-voice signals through cable systems
originally designed to handle data.

Joining cable-modem-termination-system provider Arris on the list of vendors
supplying other elements to the voice system are:

\u0007 IP Unity Inc.'s 'Harmony6000 Media Server' platform for automated
announcements and unified messaging service;

\u0007 Lucent Technologies' 'VitalAccess' software for customer-equipment

\u0007 BayPackets Inc.'s 'RSI Mediate Record Keeping Server' to track calls and
create records for billing;

\u0007 Convergys Corp.'s 'ICOMS' billing system for billing;

\u0007 Nuera Communications Inc.'s'ORCA' media gateway to funnel voice
traffic from the cable network to the public-switch telephone networks;and

\u0007 Intel Corp.'s 'SIU131' SS7 signal-interface unit to provide the signaling

In addition, Sigma Systems' 'Service Management Platform' will coordinate the
service provisioning between the Convergys, Syndeo, Lucent and IP Unity
back-office systems.

That only leaves the customer-premises-equipment provider, which has yet to
be announced.