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Comcast Files Suit vs. CSG

CSG Systems International Inc.'s attempt to offer the olive branch to Comcast
Corp. apparently didn't work.

The Englewood, Colo.-based billing provider, involved in a protracted legal
battle with Comcast merger partner AT&T Broadband, was notified that Comcast
has filed suit against it in U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania's Eastern

The suit argued that Comcast is not bound by CSG's existing 15-year
master-subscriber agreement with the former AT&T Broadband unit because of
its own pre-existing contracts with other billing vendors.

It also argued that the contract should be terminated and a new one forged
with CSG to handle billing for the former AT&T Broadband customers.

Further, the suit seeks to have these matters settled by the district court,
rather than by the arbitrator already dealing with the ongoing legal battle
between AT&T Broadband and CSG.

Earlier this month, CSG withdrew a complaint filed against Comcast in U.S.
District Court in Denver charging Comcast with trying to interfere in the
billing contract CSG held with AT&T Broadband.

At the time, CSG senior vice president of corporate development and general
counsel Joe Ruble said the move was aimed at showing goodwill to Comcast as it
completed its merger with AT&T Broadband.

"We are disappointed with Comcast's legal maneuvering," Ruble said of the
Comcast suit. "We believe their claims are without merit. We will fight this
action in the federal courts or before our mutually agreed-upon arbitrator. CSG
is determined to defend its fairly bargained-for contractual