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Comcast Deploys Arris CMTS Gear

Comcast Corp. is deploying cable-modem-termination systems from Arris in southeast Michigan.

The MSO has deployed two Arris "Cadant C4" CMTS units there, with an eye toward future deployments of advanced data services. The Cadent C4 is Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 1.1-qualified, able to support future tiered data and cable-telephony services.

"With the onset of new and advanced services, it is imperative to ensure that the technologies we implement today support a 'carrier-class' mentality going forward," said John Treece, director of broadband network technologies for Comcast, in a release.

"With its capabilities in fault tolerance, traffic engineering and scalability, the Arris C4 will allow Comcast to move quickly to meet the current and future needs of our customers," he added.