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Comcast Drops Association with American Conservative Union Chairman

Comcast confirmed that it no longer has a relationship with American Conservative Union chairman and Republican lobbyist Matthew Schlapp. 

Schlapp criticizes protester statue-toppling on Fox News

Schlapp criticizes protester statue-toppling on Fox News

“He’s no longer representing us as an outside lobbyist,” the company told Bloomberg Monday. Verizon also reportedly dropped Schlapp, a big Trump supporter and campaign surrogate, as a lobbyist. 

Schlapp, a principal of Cove Strategies, has taken heat for pushing back on efforts by racial discrimination protesters to remove statues of historic figures, many associated with the Confederacy or the racism that was institutional at the time. Schlapp likened the protesters to a French Revolution-style mob on Fox News and tweeted that they were part of "the radical left's coalition to destroy America." 

Schlapp has pinned a June 26 tweet of a conversation he had with Van Jones, a CNN contributor and no fan of Donald Trump, in which Jones praised him as someone with whom he could work on issues affecting the Black community. Jones retweeted Schlapp's tweet with an "Amen!": 


But Schlapp has also tweeted that the Black Lives Matter coalition is "hostile to families, capitalism, cops, unborn life and gender,” a comment that likely contributed to companies' distancing themselves from him.