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CNN News Crew Harassed in Atlanta

CNN reporter Natasha Chen said angry protesters broke a CNN camera and harassed her crew while they were trying to cover the protests in Atlanta, where CNN is headquartered.

The protests came after a black man, Rayshard Brooks, was shot and killed in a Wendy's parking lot by an Atlanta policeman.

Chen said they were filming angry protesters breaking into the Wendy's and trying to set fire to an umbrella in the patio area when some "angry protesters" tried to block both the CNN camera and Chen's cell phone camera. 

She said at that point they got aggressive, broke the CNN camera, and the news crew pulled back.  

Source: CNN

Source: CNN

She said there were protesters asking why they were trying to block CNN cameras and others egging them on. She said there were "a lot of different reactions as to whether that was the right choice to go after the Wendy's building." 

The Wendy's was eventually set on fire.