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CEA: Computer Electronics Will Account for One-Third Of Holiday Spending

The Consumer Electronics Association, Santa --and everyone else handing out holiday gifts -- needs more spectrum. That is according to the association's annual holiday forecast for most-wanted gifts, which it says provides more reasons for getting additional wireless spectrum from broadcasters.
According to CEA, tablets, notebooks/laptops, and e-readers will be the most popular gift this year for a segment -- computer electronics -- that will account for one-third of all holiday spending.
For 2011, CEA says, manufacturers in the U.S. will ship more than 72 million wireless-capable devices.
"The products consumers want most this holiday all require spectrum to deliver Internet content," said CEA vice president of regulatory affairs, Julie Kearney, in a statement. "Congress must pass legislation to free up much needed spectrum so consumers can use these innovative technologies without limitations this holiday."
The forecast comes as the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction contemplates making incentive spectrum auctions to free up that spectrum part of its deficit reduction package of recommendations, which has a deadline of Nov. 23.
Lobbying has been hot and heavy on both sides, with broadcasters enlisting Bounce TV cofounder and civil rights pioneer Andrew Young to talk to legislators about the importance of broadcast multicast channels to a minority audience that is disproportionately over the air.