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Carr: Time to Rethink China Telecom Relationship

FCC commissioner Brendan Carr said it is time for the U.S. government to reconsider its relationship with companies that are owned or controlled by the People’s Republic of China.

Brendan Carr

Brendan Carr

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That came after the Trump Administration this week recommended that the FCC pull the license of one China Telecom to connect to U.S. networks, a move he "welcomed." 

Carr said a lot has changed since the FCC first started letting China Telecom connect to U.S. networks. 

He said there is "substantial evidence" that the Chinese government wants to surveil Americans as well as evidence that China Telecom "has hijacked traffic in the U.S. and routed it through China before delivering it to destinations back in America." 

He said he looked forward to the FCC following the Administration's recommendation and go beyond that to "further secure America’s networks from bad actors that would do us harm." 

The FCC has already taken steps to crack down on Chinese telecoms, denying a request  by China Mobile to "provide telecommunications services between the U.S. and 'foreign destinations," and excluding networks with Huawei and ZTE tech and other allegedly suspect tech from getting government broadband subsidy money something Congress supports.