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Cablevision Adds Remote-Access Service

Cablevision Systems Corp. is giving its Optimum Online cable-modem customers
a way to link up outside of their homes.

'Optimum Traveler' will allow customers to link to the Internet using dial-up
from any computer fitted with a 56-kilobit-per-second modem. Customers can dial
into the network using a local or toll-free number.

The service takes its cue from prepaid phone cards, offering a basic 600
minutes of local dial-up access or 100 minutes of toll-free access for $9.95,
with the minutes valid for up to six months.

Customers can also buy extra minutes at the Optimum Online Web site

'Optimum Online continues to deliver a new standard for home Internet service
to New York metropolitan-area residents by offering one of the fastest,
best-performing and most affordable high-speed Internet services for the home,'
said Valerie Green, vice president of product strategy for Optimum