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Cable-Modem Nos. Speed to 15M

Cable-modem customers now number more than 15 million in North America,
according to figures released by Kinetic Strategies Inc. Monday.

Comcast Corp. led the operator charge, adding 417,000 customers in the first
quarter and averaging 4,500 new subscribers daily.

It was greatly boosted by increased penetration in the former AT&T
Broadband territories, where cable-modem-subscriber additions jumped 25%
compared with the fourth quarter, totaling 224,000. That compares to a much more
modest 2.6% growth rate in the 'classic Comcast' systems, where 192,000 new
cable-modem customers were added in the quarter, according to Kinetic.

In the United States alone, there are now some 12.4 million cable-modem

The totals for the top MSOs include . . .

  • Comcast - 4.03 million
  • Time Warner Cable - 2.68 million
  • Cox Communications Inc. - 1.56 million
  • Charter Communications Inc. - 1.27 million
  • Cablevision Systems Corp. - 852,835
  • Adelphia Communications Corp. - 711,736
  • Advance/Newhouse Communications - 550,000