C-COR Debuts New 1-GHz Product

C-COR is raising the frequency for its 1-gigahertz cable-transmission portfolio, announcing a new segmentable node product that it said can help cable operators to boost bandwidth capacity using their existing hybrid fiber-coaxial networks.

The “Opti Max3100 Segmentable Node” adds two forward- and two return-path channels on a single strand of fiber, thereby eliminating the need to add new fiber lines.

"Expanding capacity on the cable network doesn't have to mean big investment dollars and long deployment times associated with laying additional fiber," C-COR vice president of access strategy Bill Dawson said.

Using the segmentable node, along with C-COR’s line of coarse wave-division-multiplexing products, “gives operators a cost-effective approach that protects their network investment and economically delivers today's services while supporting future capacity requirements," he added.