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AT&T Extends Overage Charge Waiver

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(Image credit: AT&T)

AT&T has decided to extend its pandemic-related waiver of data overage charges for all customers until the end of December.

AT&T had been under pressure from various groups to continue to waive the charges, a waiver that was scheduled to expire at the end of the month.

“We understand our internet customers may still be experiencing economic hardship due to #COVID19, so we are extending our data overage waiver for AT&T Fiber and AT&T Internet customers again through the end of year,” the company said Saturday (Sept. 26).

ParentsTogether, one of the groups that had pushed AT&T to extend the waiver, praised the decision, but was already looking to the beginning of the year. 

“Millions of American families are struggling right now. Parents are grateful for AT&T’s decision to extend data overage waivers for their customers, which means that some kids won’t have to sit in a parking lot using the WiFi off of the local Taco Bell just to go to remote school," said Justin Ruben, ParentsTogether co-director. “At the end of the year, if children are still doing remote school and many people are still working from home, it will be critical that AT&T continue to waive data overages and expand access. This is a time when we all need to act as a community and take care of each other.”