Arris Returns Serve Against Sony

Arris, already facing a complaint from Sony at the U.S. International Trade Commission, has fired back by filing a patent complaint of its own at the ITC that targets Sony-made smart TVs, including several Android TV-powered models, gaming consoles, mobile phones, and Internet-connected DVDs and Blu-ray players.

The complaint, spotted by FierceCable and filed by Arris on May 9, centers on the following Arris patents and Sony products:

-No. 6,473,858: “Method and Apparatus for Broadcasting Data with Access Control”  (Accused Sony Android TV, PlayStations and Blu-ray/DVD players);

-No. 6,934,148: “Electronic Chassis and Housing Having an Integrated Forced Air Cooling System” (PS4 Slim)

-No. 7,113,502: “Communication and Management System and Method” (Accused Sony Andrioid TVs, and PlayStation consoles)

-No. 7,752,564: “System and Method for Focused Navigation Using Option Type Filters” (accused Sony TVs)

-No. 8,300,156: “Remote Control Device with Integrated Display Screen for Controlling a Digital Video Recorder”  (accused Sony mobile products);

-No. 9,521,466: “Method and Device for Receiving and Providing Programs” (accused Sony Android TVs, PlayStations and Blu-ray/DVD players).

The complaint seeks a limited exclusion order, barring entry into the U.S. all allegedly infringing consumer electronics devices from Sony, and a cease and desist order that would prohibit the sale for import, sale after importation, offer for sale and distribution of those products.

Arris’s complaint comes about a month after the U.S. ITC announced that it voted to start an investigation in response to a complaint lodged by Sony Corp. alleging that certain boxes and gateways imported and supplied by Arris to Comcast and DirecTV infringe on certain Sony patents.

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