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Arris Puts DOCSIS 2.0 Tech in New Modem

Broadband-subscriber-equipment provider Arris unveiled a new cable modem that
supports elements of the new Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification

The 'Touchstone Cable Modem 300' is DOCSIS 1.1-compliant, and it adds
advanced time-division multiple-access (A-TDMA) capabilities. A-TDMA is one of
two schemes that are the basis for the DOCSIS 2.0 specification.

DOCSIS 2.0 is an advanced-physical-layer addition to the DOCSIS family that
promises to triple upstream bandwidth and solve common signal-interference
problems on cable-modem plants. It includes schemes for A-TDMA and synchronous
code-division multiple-access (S-CDMA).

The CM 300 also sports 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and universal-serial-bus ports
to link with other networked computer devices in the home.

Now at Cable Television Laboratories Inc. for DOCSIS 1.1 certification, the
unit is the first in a new line of Arris data-only cable