Arris, Nortel Connect IP-Telephony Gear

Arris and Nortel Networks will work together again, this time signing a
nonexclusive agreement to jointly develop full Internet-protocol-telephony
systems for cable operators.

Arris, which specializes in end-user devices, and Nortel, which supplies
network-transmission gear, will align their product lines.

The two companies are aiming to provide a complete system for IP voice on
cable networks from the subscriber's device out to the network-control systems.
By integrating their products, cable customers will get a complete system that
is interoperable upon installation.

Working together is familiar territory for the two vendors. Arris began as a
joint venture between Nortel and fellow broadband-network-equipment provider
Antec Corp., and it was spun out as a separate company in 2001. Nortel still
owns 49.3 percent of Arris' stock.

'With this agreement, we further our commitment to helping cable operators
deploy end-to-end VoIP [voice-over-IP] networks based on PacketCable
specifications, positioning them to realize sustainable cost reductions and lay
the foundation for the delivery of new IP-based services,' said Sue Spradley,
president of Nortel's carrier VoIP unit.