Arris Lands Adelphia Deployment Deal

Arris has landed a deal with Adelphia Communications Corp. to supply its Data
Over Cable Service Interface Specification 1.1-qualified cable-modem-termination

Adelphia, which counts some 5.5 million subscribers, plans to use the CMTS
units in its Great Lakes region deployment. Arris will supply the 'Cadant C4
CMTS,' which it gained as part of its recent acquisition of Cadant Inc.

That brings Arris' total Adelphia deployment to seven C4 CMTS units and 80 C4
subscriber-side cable-access modules.

Industrywide, Arris has deals with Kansas telco Sunflower Broadband, Alaskan
telco General Communications Inc. and Comcast Corp.

DOCSIS 1.1 gear is aimed at expanding cable operators' service packages to
include voice. It provides quality-of-service and data-prioritization elements
deemed crucial to deploying tiered data service and cable telephony.

'The selection of the Arris C4 CMTS by these companies validates our decision
to acquire Cadant in order to better serve customers,' Arris Broadband president
Jim Lakin said in a release.

'As the MSOs' subscriber needs evolve, Arris will be there to provide
products and services that increase our customers' ability to compete,' he