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Why Comcast Doesn't Allow Access to HBO's MAX Go

Some pay-TV operators are trying to use TV Everywhere to extract a few more ounces of flesh from programmers.Comcast, for example, currently does not allow Cinemax subs to access the MAX Go website or the mobile apps, although it does provide Cinemax content through its own Xfinity services (see HBO Clears MAX Go Mobile Apps For Liftoff and Comcast Streams Video To iPhone).

Meanwhile, Comcast’s HBO subscribers can watch video directly on and the related mobile apps. But recall that initially the operator provided online access to HBO programming only through its own portal, previously called Fancast (see FiOS Rides HBO’s ‘Ferrari’).

So why isn’t Comcast on board with MAX Go, if it’s OK with HBO Go?

According to a source familiar with the operator’s strategy, it’s because Comcast wants more HBO HD programming for traditional video-on-demand.

Comcast is to offer everything available on HBO Go in HD VOD. Currently HBO Go includes about 1,400 movies and TV shows via HBO Go — whereas on traditional VOD, HBO offers Comcast only about 300 HD titles.

Presumably, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision are holding out for similar concessions before they opt in to HBO Go (see HBO Go Talks Move Forward).


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