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WGA Strike: Fast Facts Plus Game On! For Wannabes

For fast facts on the WGA strike, here’s a short guide to strike coverage:

Kansas City Star critic Aaron Barnhart is keeping close tabs on the action and talking to the WGA rank and file.  He just skewered Nick Counter,  chief negotiator and prez of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

On his blog, TVWeek’s James Hibberd is collating news from multiple sources, including breaking stories from our sister publication Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Nikki Finke.  

Nikki Finke, of course, is a must read - if you want to track the number of picketers, and drill down into details like links to Joss Whedon fan tributes, that sort of thing…

And Huffington Post’s collection of blogs, Writers’ Strike Opinion, includes John Ridley’s thoughts.  Ridley says today (or maybe tomorow) will be his first day on the picket lines.

Go HERE for a photo-essay of the protest outside the Desperate Housewives shoot.  Eve Longoria distributes Domino’s pizza to the crowd.

Predictably, wannabe screenwriters have infested Craigslist.

Reply to:
Date: 2007-11-02, 8:52PM PDT


And then there is this too funny (probably) mock Craigslist ad, posted by someone named Thombomb who claims to have graduated from Seton Hall with a 3.1 GPA and a degree in creative writing.

On his new blog, he fantasizes about breaking through the strike line and writing for CSI and 30 Rock.

Here’s his Craigslist ad.

Reply to:

Date: 2007-11-01, 5:16PM PDT

It’s clear the writers on strike are greedy and full of themselves. Studios pay them millions of dollars and look how grateful they are. I am available immediately for work as an entry level writer or producer or assistant director while the writer’s are striking.

I’ve made a big decision. I am driving out to Los Angeles with the full intention of breaking the Writers Guild picket line.

I graduated in May from Seton Hall with a 3.1 GPA majoring in Creative Writing (screenplays, plays, free journaling) and have almost 4 years of dialogue writing experience. My one-act play “Putting With Papa” detailing a young boy’s final round of mini golf with his grandpa was a finalist at our university Autumn Theater Def Blowout.

If you’d like to contact me and do business, please respond to this post, check out the blog I’ve set up to sort through offers/proposals or call me at 818-441-5989.

Thanks everyone.  It’s showtime!

Also, on his blog – writersguildstrikesolution – he makes it plain that he’ll consider only the creme de la creme of offers.

Making Noise in H’Wood

Hey everyone, really appreciate the emails and words of support.__Thought I’d let you know that I got a nice dose of publicity from the LA Times this afternoon: (

Getting some calls from independent producers with nothing of substance. I hate to be strict about stuff like this, but I really am only looking for offers from top producers, agents and studios with connections to major green light financing. Thanks again!__I’ll be sure to keep the updates coming!

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