Verizon Installs Moto's Medios to Fling Video to Phones

Nestled into Motorola’s Q3 2010 earnings release today was a note about Verizon having deployed the vendor’s Medios multiscreen service management software to let the telco deliver rented movies or shows to multiple devices:

[The Home division] supported Verizon with the launch of its video service by providing the Motorola Medios software suite to ingest content and prepare it for distribution, enabling subscribers to share video among devices such as set-top boxes, personal computers and smartphones.  

Asked about the deployment, Verizon said in a statement, “Motorola is one piece of a very sophisticated platform that employs best-of-breed components. Verizon was the system integrator and produced custom code to produce the finished multiscreen video service.”

Verizon says it is using the Medios software for its upcoming “FlexView” service, which will let FiOS TV customers watch videos they’ve rented or purchased on up to five computers or mobile phones (see Verizon Sets Live TV iPad App For FiOS). Separately, the telco offers FiOS TV Online content on the Web from Turner, HBO, Cinemax and Epix (see Turner’s TV Everywhere Goes Live With Verizon FiOS TV and Verizon Takes Cinemax To Go).

Meanwhile, Motorola’s Home division posted sales of $912 million for Q3 2010 (up 5% versus $866 million in the year-ago quarter), although Home revenue is down 9% in the first nine months of 2010 versus 2009. Operating earnings for Home were $49 million for the most recent quarter, versus $20 million in Q3 2009.

Last quarter, Motorola told Wall Street that it expects Home segment sales to decline 7% for the full-year 2010.