Tweeting The StimPak

Am I watching the Senate debate on the stimpak on cable?  No.  I’m hanging out on @anamariecox’s Twitter group as she mercilessly dissects Senate shenanigans on C-Span.  She posted some photos on Twitpic, too.

A sampling: - Now THIS is how you do a visual aid. Can I get a WHATWHAT for the lady senator???”

“Ensign gleefully re-writing history according to Jonah Goldberg; apparently New Deal didn’t work bc it took longer than his attention span.”

“Pretty sure Ensign about to sell me a ShamWow.” - I am only staying awake thru Johanns’ speech to see this sign in use.”

“Jeff Sessions conclusively proving that occasionally Larry Summers says regrettable things. #obviousshit”

and, oh - apparently, someone on anamarie’s group thinks the Bible has something to say about snark.  We’re all going to hell…