Tom Sizemore on CSI:Miami. CW's Reaper Renewed

ETA:  This just in - CW’s Reaper gets a second season.  See below.

It’s May sweeps, can you tell?  Guest stars are popping like dandelions.  And Tom Sizemore, star of Black Hawk Down and other feature films, shows up on CSI: Miami tonight.

Sizemore has lately generated headlines for his failed attempts at rehab, stuffing fake genitalia in his pants to manipulate drug test results, a disastrous fling with "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss, and other notorious behaviors.

But Sizemore also headlined the shortlived, moody Robbery Homicide Division produced by Michael Mann.  Am I the only one who remembers this series?  Way back in 2002, pre-DVR for me, I actually stayed home on Friday nights to watch.  (CBS eventually consigned the series to the Saturday night graveyard for two episodes and then canceled it.)

There’s not a lot of acting involved in police procedurals, so it’s a testament to Sizemore’s talent that I’m willing to slog through tonight’s episode of CSI: Miami and lead David Caruso’s sonorous delivery.  Quipped a friend of mine about Caruso: "He over-enunciates and sounds portentous. He’d make an announcement that he was going to the john sound like the Gettysburg Address …"

A couple of months ago, a tattler called "onsetsnitch" caused an uproar on Defamer, flaying Caruso for bully behaviors and saying the star "once asked the DP to make it seem like he was flying to the crime scene, explaining that Horatio is actually a mythical superhero. For Real."

A hilarious Youtube clip of some of Caruso’s corny one-liners, paired with the sunglass mannerism:

Hmmm - Garett Maggart is also listed in the CSI Miami guest cast for tonight’s ep.  Interesting.  Maggart, a wild-haired young heartthrob at the time, co-starred in The Sentinel on the now defunct UPN, along with Richard Burgi who…

guest stars in this week’s episode of Reaper on CW.   (Tuesday, May 13, @9p.)

Per Reaper, an off-beat dramedy about a twenty-something forced to help Satan round up escaped souls, is said to be on the bubble for renewal.  But Eonline’s "Watch with Kristin" said Friday: According to sources, it’s looking “likely” that Reaper will get a second season.  Say it with me now: halle-freaking-lujah!

Ditto that!

ETA:  Hollywood Reporter’s James Hibberd just posted that Reaper has been renewed. Woo-hoo!

The CW has picked up cult-favorite supernatural drama "Reaper" for a second season.  "Reaper" will return for 13 episodes midseason and will likely be paired with "Supernatural" on Thursday nights after "Smallville" concludes its run.

The network made the decision Monday, going down to the wire on picking up the series before the CW’s upfront presentation to advertisers the next day…The network’s executives are uniformly fond of the show, yet the Nielsens made a pickup a tough call. Anxious fans even launched a campaign to save the series by sending socks to the network (playing off one character’s name).

Your Monday Morning Moment of Zen - opening sequence of Robbery Homicide Division: