TiVo Wants FireWire Waiver For Cable-Provided DVRs

As RCN gets ready to roll out TiVo-supplied HD boxes in early 2010, the DVR maker is looking to dot an “i” on one detail.

TiVo DVRs don’t have an IEEE 1394 interface (a.k.a. FireWire), which under existing FCC regulations is required for all operator-supplied high-definition set-tops.

In a Nov. 6 filing with the FCC, TiVo wants the agency to clarify that it doesn’t have to add a FireWire port to the boxes. Alternatively, TiVo wants a waiver to the rule for MSOs using its HD DVRs.

“The 1394 interface is not widely used today,” the company said. “Adding a 1394 port to TiVo DVRs would add to their cost without significant consumer benefit.”

Intel similarly has requested a waiver to the FireWire rule for cable set-tops incorporating its system-on-a-chip processors with IP outputs, calling the rule “a technological ‘bridge to nowhere’” (see Intel Seeks Waiver On FCC’s FireWire Set-Top Rule).

The FCC is seeking comments on Intel’s waiver request, with comments and oppositions due Nov. 30 and Intel’s reply due Dec. 10.