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Title II Advocates Look to ‘Ajit-Tate’ FCC Chair

Popular Resistance, which protested then-Federal Communications Commission chair Tom Wheeler’s plan not to reclassify ISPs under Title II, are back at it with a new chair but the same complaint.

Some protestors stopped by Wheeler’s house last time around. Pai should expect some visitors, as well, in advance of the May 18 vote to launch his rollback of the Title II reclassification Wheeler eventually warmed to, and voted to impose.

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Popular Resistance has already launched its “Ajit-ation” campaign, according to the group, handing out flyers and door hangers in Pai’s Arlington, Va., neighborhood with his photo, captioned: “Have You Seen This Man.”

The group said it had even hung one on Pai’s door — it has also posted a photo online of what it said is the chairman’s house, with a warning to expect more visitors. It had planned a number of street protests there for this week.

Pai’s office had no comment at press time, but Wheeler talked with protestors at his house for a while before heading off to work, and when there was a brief musical protest at Pai’s first public meeting, he took it in good spirits and even sang along.

Another former FCC chair is also in the net-neutrality protest mix, but he will be the protestor rather than protestee. Michael Copps, a big fan of Title II, plans to address a rally outside FCC headquarters Thursday (May 18) in advance of the vote.