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Third Stargate Series in Early Development

2a.m. PDT

Lost in The Sopranos space yesterday: Robert C. Cooper, executive producer of two of SCI FI Channel’s original series, Stargate SG-1 and StargateAtlantis, confirmed that he’s developing a third series with the working title Stargate Universe.

Cooper declined to hand out details, other than to say he won’t be using any characters currently appearing in SG1 or the spin-off, Atlantis.

The series finale of SG1, cable television’s longest running scripted series now in its tenth season, will air June 22. 

MGM owns and finances 100% of the Stargate franchise.  Last year, Charlie Cohen -  now senior executive vice president of finance and corporate development for the studio - told Multichannel that he envisioned a third series.

Rob Cooper has been associated with the Stargate television franchise since the beginning.  He started as a story editor and sat in on the read through of the SG1 pilot, then eventually took the reins as showrunner for SG1’s season seven.    Cooper has penned at least 50 SG1 episodes and he is the creator, along with Brad Wright, of Atlantis.

Wright recently turned over Atlantis’ showrunning duties to the writing team of executive producers Joe Mallozzi & Paul Mullie. 

So, presumably, both Wright and Cooper have a little more free time right now -  perhaps to focus their energies on developing a third series?