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TCA/Teri Hatcher Hints Richard Burgi Could Return to Desperate Housewives

ABC Network threw a fabulous bash tonight in the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton.  The event was thick with stars including Vanessa Williams, Lucy Liu, Teri Hatcher, Dana Delany, Gale Harold (who joins DH this season), and others.

The press clustered around the accessible and gracious Teri Hatcher (Susan Mayer) of Desperate Housewives.  She was flanked by Desperate Housewives executive producer Bob Daily. 

I scooted in next to her on the sofa and we chatted briefly about her comedic side.  Hatcher hinted that Richard Burgi, who plays her caddish and unpredictable ex-husband Karl, might be returning to the series.

"I can still fall down the stairs like nobody’s business," quipped Hatcher, alluding to the five year time jump in the series this season.

Me: Some of the scenes between you and Richard Burgi were really amazing.

Teri:  So you don’t want to lose that?

Me:  You two were really funny.  You made me laugh out loud and I loved it.

Teri:  Thank you! …made you laugh out loud!  Did we pay all of you people to come over here?  Did that happen?

Me:  Will we see any more of you and Richard perhaps, or is that all over?

Teri gave me a surprised, delighted look, as if she wasn’t expecting the question, and said, "Perhaps!  Yes!  Perhaps!  Perhaps!  Isn’t that exciting?  I can admit it.  All the girls on Desperate Housewives think Burgi is hot."

"Yeah, yeah," nodded Bob Daily, grinning. (Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry had introduced Daily earlier in the day as the "guy who’s been helping me run the show for the past two seasons.")

"Everyone is a Richard Burgi fan, for sure," said Hatcher.

"And some of the men!" added Daily. 

"Yeah!" agreed Teri, as Daily nodded yes, yes. "And some of the men are Richard Burgi fans.  Everyone is big on Richard.  Ever since the ‘heart wants what the heart wants.’  Pretty much, yeah - Burgi to the end!’

Well, ladies (and gentlemen), we can all only hope.  In any case, here’s the Desperate Housewives clip ABC screened for the critics.  Yes, I know - it’s been out for awhile….