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TCA/CW's '13': Survivor Meets Blair Witch

CW’s 13 - it’s Survivor Meet Blair Witch Project.  The clip was just unveiled by CW’s president of entertainment Dawn Ostroff.

The eight episode reality game is set in the Louisianna Bayou.  13 people are dropped off deep in the creepy woods.  The show plays on the darkest fears of the contenstants who are "killed off" one-by-one.

And the one bit of info in the clip that had laughter rippling across the room:

The "winner" is awarded $66,666.

"I have to give Jay [Bienstock] a lot of credit," explained Ostroff,"…the environment they created in the Bayou..the intensity of the situation and the challenges feel real….[the show]is hot off the edting bay this week.  It’s shocking to see how invested these contestants were.  They really felt the horror."