Stephen Colbert Meets World of Warcraft?

Perhaps first reported here on daneofwar, but posted on, gamegutstoomuchnick, and Digg, eventually rocketed in the Digg rankings in the last few hours…

Was it "prepared..for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game….but was ultimately rejected" as initially stated on Digg.   Or "actually a concept design for the Death Knight in the new WoW expansion coming out soon," 

Well, okay.  Whatever.  Made of win! is the Internet consensus on this artwork.

From the letters in the left bottom corner, the print appears to be the work of the boundlessly imaginative Todd Lockwood.  (Click to see more samples of his work.)

Colbert fans on Digg had a field day:

"Lockwood + Colbert = WIN!!!"

"I Am Azeroth (And So Can You!)"

"Well, I just found the only computer background I will ever need for the rest of my life."

"Terrorists eat my fiery sword of freedom!"

And a good call by Everfalling: "Did anyone else notice that the hilt of his sword has an eagle talon grasping a bunch of golden arrows as the guard with a MICROPHONE as the grip/pommel? f*cking win."

One user suggested that "if that image gets shown to Colbert you’ll never hear the end of it on the show. It might just replace that portrait above the fireplace."

And finally asked one Digg user: "Bastards! Who rejected this?"

(Which was - pretty much my question, too, if the story is true.)

"Stay tuned," assured a user named ‘whatsupimphil, "I’m sure they will be featured on

‘Who’s not honoring me now.’"