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Shows Fade: Handy Strike Charts/Entourage, Big Love, Dirt, Rescue Me, Eureka on Watch List

Here are a couple of handy strike charts, listing the darkening shows of Hollywood.

TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello says he "busted" his backside putting together this chart.  He updates frequently. 

LA Times is also following the fade to black, with more cable series listed.  As reported two days ago in this blog (via Hollywood Reporter), production on Lifetime’s Army Wives is on ice.

Known and potential disruptions, according to the LA Times chart, include:

HBO - Entourage and Big Love are "currently" in the "writing stages" and scheduled to air Summer ‘08.  Production could be delayed. 

FX - Dirt is in production now and "could be affected."  The recently re-upped (for a fifth season) Rescue Me was set to launch early ‘08, so production "would be affected." 

Sci Fi Channel’s Eureka "will be affected."