Scrolling TV Listings Hit San Francisco Airwaves

Are you a fan of on-screen scrolling TV guides? Well, there’s hope for you yet!

The genre’s granddaddy — the TV Guide Channel — is abandoning its roots as a listings guide under the wing of Lionsgate. The network is acquiring cable programming as it transforms itself into the TV Guide Network.

Meanwhile, most cable and satellite viewers use the interactive program guide included with their service. Only a dwindling number of analog-only households still rely on scrolling listings.

Now, however, the TV-listings scroll has a new patron.

Broadland Properties’ KAXT, a low-power class-A station serving the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose market, will use a multicast subchannel to deliver an electronic program guide with data from Tribune Media Services. The station’s “All Channel TV Program Guide,” available on channel 1.1, offers 24/7 access to information available on over-the-air programming from local broadcasters.

And… sorry, what’s the point?

Here’s KAXT president Warren Trumbly to explain: “Cable promotes cable and satellite promotes satellite. Now the All Channel Program Guide helps Bay Area broadcasters promote free TV and the additional programming available on our subchannels. We’re excited to be the very first to offer this service to local over-the-air TV viewers.”

Also, KAXT imagines being able to sell promo spots to other broadcasters that display in the guide’s video window (see below).

I’m sure it looks great on a big ol’ wood-paneled analog set (digital converter box sold separately).