SCI FI Channel Greenlights Caprica (But We'll Have To Wait Until 2010!)

shout out to tweetpeep ProgGrrl for the heads-up.

Last summer at press tour, SCI FI Channel taunted teased television critics by showing a clip of the BattleStar prequel, Caprica, starring Eric Stoltz.  We got a bit worked up over the new series after NBC rolled out the red carpet -  flying in the full cast and producers (Ron Moore et. al.) for a panel and letting us mingle during the NBC Universal bash.

EVP of original programming Mark Stern promised a decision would be forthcoming shortly after the net took delivery of the two-hour back-door pilot.  (Click here to read my press tour blog post.)


But a few hours ago, Variety spilled the big news.  Caprica is a go.  Finally. Although the series won’t air until sometime in 2010.  Still.  It’s a go!