Sam's Club Suggests Consumers 'Trim' Cable

Sam’s Club, the Wal-Mart warehouse outlet chain, put out a press release today promoting a 10-week special membership offer.

The announcement, keying off a "hard times" theme of saving consumers money, also provided five tips for cutting back and savings on expenses.

With tip No. 2, in the "Household Overhead" category, Sam’s Club suggested people "take a few hours on a Sunday afternoon and review monthly income, outline a household budget and look for ways to ‘trim around the edges’ — from cable to utilities to a cleaning or lawn service." (Emphasis added.)

Maybe Wal-Mart is hoping to push DVD sales at the expense of cable programming? 

Here’s another idea, not in the release: Maybe folks can pinch pennies by not buying some of the junk for sale at Sam’s Club. Cue the kitchen-table conversation: "Honey, do we really need to buy that 6-foot-high deluxe vampire?"