Rob Owen Predicts Uncomfortable HBO TCA Panel

HBO will face off with television critics during the network’s upcoming Television Critics Association panel — but some are bristling in advance.  Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette critic and TCA prez, has landed in LA and is already reporting in.  

HBO is scheduled to unveil their new series, Tell Me You Love Me, on Thursday.  Wrote Rob:  "It’s the show most likely to be labeled a pornographic bore. The story of several pairs of lovers in couples counseling with a therapist (Jane Alexander), the ‘Tell Me…’ pilot features what appears to be actors having actual, not simulated, sex….There’s a scene of apparent penetration."

"Someone’s going to have to ask the uncomfortable ‘Is it real or fake?’ question," says Rob, "I hope someone else beats me to it."

We’ll let you know if anyone pops the question, directly from the Beverly Hilton ballroom on Thursday.  Even so, we may not get a straight answer.  Knowing HBO, they’d probably rather keep us guessing and discussing ad nauseam.  In the meantime, read the rest of Rob’s post.  And prepare to blush a little.