Quest IS America's Best Dance Crew But Who The Heck Is Posting Spoilers on Wikipedia?

It’s 11 a.m. on the west coast and the results are in: Quest crew are the champs of season three.  But the anticipation was spoiled by what appears to be a premature posting of the results on Wikipedia.

The following was posted earlier today (Thursday) here on my blog by a reader named Dom:

Funny i came across this text…


afew days after the airing of season 3 episode 7, i looked up the wikipedia page of ABDC season 3. when i looked at the graphic displaying the results of the crews for each episode it \”DECLARED THAT QUEST WERE THE WINNERS AND BEAT FREAKS AS THE RUNNER UP.\” next day i check the same graphic. GUESS what… the graphic was edited, week 8 was left blank!!!

now you have to ask yourself questions… I HOPE THIS SHOW IS NOT RIGGED, I MEAN PEOPLE ARE CALLING IN HAVING TO PAY TO VOTE!!! im a beats freak fan so i do have bias against QUEST, lets just hope it was an honest mistake… though if quest win, i am not going to forget what i saw on wikipedia… i hope the producers are playing fair and not fixing results to their liking.

love from sydney australia.


Dom was responding to an earlier blog post of mine in which I discussed a premature Wikipedia post which spoiled some season two ABDC results in advance of the show’s airing.

Granted, in terms of the finale, someone entering information on Wikipedia has a 50/50 chance of getting it right.  But the Wikipedia  spoiler I  spotted last season  wasn’t the finale, it was the episode about half-way through the season two competition.  Supreme Soul and Super Cr3w were voted into the bottom two, forcing the judges to choose between the two.  Reluctantly, the judges dismissed Supreme Soul. (Weeks later Super Cr3w went on to win season two.)

The judges decision to dismiss Supreme Soul was revealed on Wikipedia before the show aired.  Keep in mind that the show tapes on Tuesday and airs on Thursday.