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The Playmaker Presents

Michael Irvin, one of the Dallas Cowboys’ famed “triplets” of the 1990s, is going to work with Spike TV to give an amateur a chance to make America’s Team.

Irvin, the Hall of Fame wideout and one-time cast-member of Spike’s Pros vs.Joes, will lead a dozen pigskin neophytes — six receivers (watch out TO), six defensive backs — through the paces and various competitions, with the winner getting a chance to attend Cowboys training camp this summer.

I guess ESPN, which had “The Playmaker” walk away from his NFL studio gig in 2007, but now lets Mike play on its radio affiliate in Dallas, passed on this project. Or maybe Spike outbid HBO, which has already spent a couple of training camps with the ‘Boys as part of its Hard Knocks docu-series, for the rights.

In gearing up for the yet-untitled series, the producers may want to have Irvin and other team officials, including owner Jerry Jones, show the aspirants the Cowboy way on:

*how not to win an NFL playoff game since 1996;

*how not to play winning football in December;

*how to vacation with starlets in Cabo before playoff games;

*how to whine on the sidelines because the tight end is getting more love; and

*how to hold up team charters.

To further spice up storylines and appeal to Spike’s young adult male audience maybe Mike can share some of his own personal expertise on such matters as:

*how to entertain women other than your wife;

*how to prepare for a pictorial in an adult mag;

*how to stroll into court in a mink coat;

*how to give teammates a haircut; and

*how to forget to dump your brother’s drug paraphernalia from your car.

Perhaps the production can intersperse footage, some of which may be available, from the many phases of Irvin’s career. This being reality TV and all, where a good cry usually scores with the Nielsens, they may also want to include his tearful Hall of Fame acceptance speech at Canton in 2007, when he acknowledged his litany of off-the-field fumbles.

The press release, announcing the show in which Irvin’s Playmaker Productions, Spike and 3 Ball Productions (The Biggest Loser) will collaborate, notes that former coaches (maybe Barry Switzer’s available) and players (this is a casting call for Mr. Adam ‘Pac Man’ Jones) will also go along for the ride.

How ‘bout them Cowboys.