omg! Christian Won. That's So...Fierce!

Christian Siriano, the flamboyant young fashion designer known for his extravagant ruffles and his trademark habit of peppering every other sentence with the adjective "fierce," was declared the winner of Bravo’s Project Runway.  The season four finale aired tonight.

Viewers loved to hate the brash Siriano but voted him fan favorite anyway.  Viewers also agreed with the judges and voted him the top designer by 50% in a field of three finalists, proving that the Bravo audience knows talent born to design when they see it.

Siriano constructed his collection in an apartment so cramped he slept in the hallway.

Project Runway sponsor Saturn must have been thrilled when Siriano took the wheel of his hot,  red ASTRA and saucily cocked his head toward the camera to say, "fierce!"