Netflix Vs. Amazon

Well, say this about Netflix. It’s competitive. And it has a sense of humor.

Taking mocking aim at the “PrimeAir” drone-delivery service that Amazon chief Jeff Bezos teased on 60 Minutes last December, a video spoof touting a “Drone 2 Home,” Netflix’s “groundbreaking, same day, home delivery subscription service” is going viral. 

“That’s right, our fleet of high tech drones will deliver your disks to you within mere seconds of you adding it to your queue,” explains Hank Breeggemann, general manager, DVD division. “Unlike other companies that are trying to rush new technologies to market we have  literally  spent days working out most of the bugs.”

And, boy, is this satirical service smart. Its use of location services can deliver DVDs just about anywhere, as you can see in the video below:

According to Engadget, Netflix employees produced the video for the DVD unit’s annual meeting.