Net Neutrality According to Youtube

A selection of graphics and Youtube vids covering the Net Neutrality debate:

This one was dugg by Andrew522 for "using Mute Math music (the song ‘Reset’)… and for giving a good explanation to people who don’t know jack sh*t."

In the clip below, The Daily Show’s John Hodgman explains: "I’d like to say a few words in defense of Senator Stevens [at the time, the U.S. Senator who chaired the committee that regulates the Internet].  The Senator is right in some respects.  The Internet is not a dump truck.  Here’s a picture of a dump truck.   With rare exceptions people cannot use that picture to masturbate. Therefore, it is not the Internet."

"When you vote against Net Neutrality, you vote for this," commented another Digg user, directing users to the image posted on tinypic.

"But," claims another Digg user, "a few weeks ago i came across an even better explanation IMO."  And he forwarded users to this vid:

Rock on.