My Life with Comcast

I admit it.  I’m a lowly end user.  Like a lot of people, I have a lot on my plate.  Given how much we shell out to Comcast every month - $220 for everything they have to offer (phones, internet, premium cable) - my expectations of service and reliability are high.

Basically, I just want stuff to work.  When problems occur, I want the event to go smoothly -  to get through on the phone right away, for customer service to hear (not just listen) to identify the problem and solve it.

I’m just not getting thatService, here in the Bay Area at least, is excellent.

And if I hear that “recycle your modem” recording one more time, I might have to ??????   Hello, Comcast -

Most of the techs knew what they were doing and all were very polite.

Customer service out of the call centers is spotty, however.  Occasionally, you’re lucky enough to encounter a top notch rep, but Comcast seems to have adopted a blame-the-customer first philosophy.  (I never really wrote about our